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The Death Of Gaia pre-orders available

Yes, the album is about to be released. Actually the regular CD edition already is and we will have them available at our upcoming gigs. The CD box-set with some pretty cool goodies can be pre-ordered through our label Transcending Obscurity Records. Either go to their store or to our Bandcamp page.
Various vinyl options will be released later this year.

To listen to the first song that has been made available head over to YouTube.

25 years of Officium Triste

2019 marks the 25th anniversary of Officium Triste. We did a special 2-hour gig at Baroeg in Rotterdam last May but there is more to come. Our new album "The Death Of Gaia" is about to be released. We have an album presentation coming up in Antwerp on September 21st. As well as some other very cool gigs.
Next to that we will release a compilation ourselves on our own Weeping Willow Records. This double album features 12 bands from all around the world that recorded a cover of one of our songs. More on that soon.
Right now at press as well a reissue of "Giving Yourself Away". For the first time on vinyl though and released through Badger Records, who released the vinyl edition of "Ne Vivam" back in 2003 too.

Officium Triste, August 2019

Album art and title

Here's the artwork for our upcoming album entitled "The Death Of Gaia". Artwork was done by Chris Smith of Grey Aria Design Studio. Releasedate hasn't been set yet. We'll let you know once Transcending Obscurity Records decides on the date.

Officium Triste The Death Of Gaia

Officium Triste, January 2019

New release available
We received the split release with Lapsus Dei and it is available as of now. Check the merchandise page for further info.
nieuwe CD
Officium Triste, August 2018

Split with Lapsus Dei

Chile's Australis Records has set May 31st 2018 as the release date for our split with Lapsus Dei, also from Chile. This release has been in the pipleline for a while now and will see a version on both vinyl and CD. Our part consists of two songs recorded live at the Malta Doom Metal festival in 2014, with our version of the Editors song 'Weight of the World' added as a bonus. The latter we recorded in 2017.

Officium Triste, March 2018

New photo line-up 2018